App marketing

App marketing is about engaging with your users throughout the whole lifecycle, from the moment they first learn about your app to the time they become loyal and loyal users. To achieve this effectively, you need to understand who is using your app, where to find them, what to tell them and what they want from you. Only in this way, you will be able to increase App installs.

As a rule, the boost of mobile App installs is performed through a series of stages or funnels. There are many stages of the funnel, but the most important one is mobile user acquisition.

Mobile user acquisition

User acquisition refers to the process of attracting new users to a mobile application and bringing them to App installs through various marketing activities. App marketing companies typically generate App installs through a combination of paid ads, organic traffic and app store optimization (ASO).

The goal of mobile user acquisition is to attract users at a cost lower the typical lifetime of a user (LTV) or average income per user (ARPU ). Mobile user acquisition is defined on the stage of the App strategy development.

App strategy

The possibilities for a user acquisition App strategy are endless and it is important to use different methods, be creative and constantly refine your strategy in order to reach the final goal cost-effectively – increase App installs.

While the app is launching, start to distribute ads in the form of advertisements on social platforms like LinkedIn. Even if the reach isn’t that great, it is still effective especially for millennials. Social advertising platform is great for empowering businesses to reach desired audiences based on their interests, location and more.

App Store Optimization includes App Store page optimization to improve ranking in the search results and improve conversion rates. More than 65% of apps are found when searching directly in the App Store.

Once your app has received a high search ranking for a specific keyword, it will continue to rank for several months thereafter. The higher the score of your app the more potential users will see it, ultimately drive App downloads, lead to more Android App installs, which will make your App more visible to publishers.

Good app store optimization depends on a number of factors, including your choice of title and keyword. A great headline is an opportunity to get users interested and get them to click your App to learn more. Include your keyword in your title for the best results. These keywords should be placed strategically throughout your list, so that they appear when users search for those keywords.

Always include the features and benefits the user will get from the App, including screenshots and videos for added benefit.

Finally, there are tons of people who would like to use your application but never will because it is not in their language. Change it to refer to your application, and this is how you can increase quickly the App installs.

How to increase android app installs by prioritizing ASO – keywords

There are now over 5 million Apps in app stores and many millions more searches for Apps.

Optimizing your app for what people are looking for is one of the best ways to improve online status application store optimization, and one of the best ways to show your app to users.

However, this is still one of the toughest challenges for app developers and marketers – the ASO structure is tied to the main keyword or keywords of the app and requires identifying what users are looking for and then targeting those specific keywords in your app.

How to increase apps download through App localization

Creating localized versions of your application can increase the App installs of your mobile application according to research. Delivering content and being creative in the language of your target audience, as well as optimizing messages based on local behavior and trends can prove effective.

Some of today’s mobile marketers even say, “If your app is not translated into English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, you will lose more than half of the planet”.

According to our research, 92% of Apps localized by us improve their App installs within 7 days after the deployment of the Russian localization. We have been providing localization and translation services to Russian for almost 20 years. And with our SEO skills and knowledge, we will be able to boost your organic App growth.

How to strengthen your organic App growth

On the app store, 80 to 85% of users install apps in the normal way, which is, they install via the store. Understanding the leverage that can be used to increase how much Apple excels in these areas can drive growth through organic installs.

More marketing tools are available to increase discoverability and drive organic growth. One way associated with the ASO industry is to optimize the app list to increase conversions for regular installs of users who browse the top charts for specific apps (iOS) or browse (Google).

Any user who knows that the required steps are taken to find and download an app on their own means that they are immediately more interested and invested in getting the most out of that experience.