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You already know that the only way to increase App sales is to translate App.

Are you sure you just want to get the best translation App? Of course, you can find an App translator, who will translate App.

But wait, there’s more. If you want to sell your mobile App, it must speak the language that your target audience speaks. It must contain the keywords, that your target audience uses while searching the web. This is more than just best translation App. This is App localization.


I will show you what App localization mean, what it should include so that you COULD FIND the best App translator or localization specialist and check the process on your own. With these tips, you will AVOID USELESS TRANSLATION, and GET RELEVANT LOCALIZATION.

Here’s the truth:

App developers and startups do not want to risk investing in an App localization. The main reason is the tight budget and reluctance to make investments until they make sure that the App will be a success before trying to localize it. In this regard, the term minimum viable product (MVP) was applied into localization industry.

App Localization vs Best Translation App: What Benefits Do You Get When You Localize Your App Rather Than You Translate App

All App devs want to increase sales and rate downloads. Looking for new App users, devs decide to translate App. Sometimes they do on their own, using Google. Sometimes they ask for help from crowdsourcing. That’s true, most of the devs want to translate. (Check with the keyword search tool – translate App, has got 110 000 inquiries per month).

When they translate in this way, then comes frustration and an outcome – my App is useless, nobody wants it, sales and download rates are going down and down.

You know, why?

The reason is obvious: even if you find the best App translator, it will fail. Your App needs localization. Your App must be translated, adjusted according to the cultural peculiarities and finally and most importantly must be optimized according to SEO demands in the local market.

People prefer to do shopping in their own language. They prefer searching the web in their own language.

Sometimes translation can not meet the words that people use to search the web because of mentality difference. If your App description does not contain the keywords that people use to search for applications, they will never find your App. Thus, translation is just a useless investment.

MVP – A Trial Philosophy For Your App Localization

Initially, MVP is a startup philosophy. The term was developed by Frank Robinson and then promoted by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. Now it is widely accepted in the startup community. With this approach a product is released with a minimum set of elements that is enough to expand in the market.

Russian translator services and App Localization

MVP and App Localization: what app devs should implement?

MVP has also cropped up into localization niche and created dangerous situation for most App developers. For some reasons when people hear the word “product”, they assume that it means the first version of a product that is coded and “launched”. Moreover some localization companies encourage developers to build MVPs.

Now let’s imagine a typical situation. An App developer decides to build an MVP according to the concept presented by the company above. MVP localization will include all the basic elements. A user will read a description and even screenshots in the language he or she speaks in the App Store, then installs the App. Afterwards the user will end up being completely frustrated. The screenshots were misleading, the language of the game is different from the one in the description and the one the user speaks. The user removes the app and never comes back because nobody likes to be cheated. Conclusion: MVP localization of your App is doomed to failure.

Solutions to App Localization

The MVP is ambiguous term. As the result it causes big misunderstandings in localization industry misleading many game development companies.

As this point, you’re probably wondering:

What is the role of MVP for mobile App? The goal of an MVP launch is not to launch the first version of an application or mobile game. It’s simply to start gathering feedback and observing users actually interacting with something. Within this industry, a more accurate term can be piloting localization.

Piloting localization will stand for a research process at the initial stage at which a localization specialist will test an App using different tools and techniques. Along with keyword research from scratch, market competitor analysis, a game developer gets a piloting localization of an App. In case of a tight budget, options for piloting localization can be limited.

But the most important is that app developers have a deep understanding that this is rather a testing technique than the first version of an application, from one hand. From the other hand users are aware that this is a piloting localization. In this way users’ expectations won’t exceed the reality, and disappointment can be avoided.

By the way, in case a piloting localization turns out a success, it can become a good teaser. With this campaign an app developer can engage with customers, grab attention and generate attention. But that’s another story. All constructive comments are most welcome!

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