10 App marketing experts worth following on Twitter in 2017

You have given endless hours developing your great App – but still, no one downloads it.
Your App download rate is drastically low.

It’s the worst feeling ever.

app marketing

My customers (and they are mostly App developers) are challenged with learning more about App marketing and social media promotion. There are times when they are just overwhelmed with all the intricacies of App download improvements and sales.

Today I have something that will make every App developer feel like you have Twitter superpowers:

In this post, I will walk you through the best Twitter experts who share amazing tips and best practices on App marketing, how to improve App download rates and increase sales.

AppMarketingPlus is a developer-friendly app marketing agency, working closely with App Developers and help them promote their app via the web, PR media, influencer marketing, and social media. Guys will tell you how to market App for Google Play store, how to avoid mistakes when marketing App, how to generate buzz before releasing your App, etc.

Kim Dushinski is the Founder of the International Mobile Marketing Business Network and President of Mobile Marketing Profits. She is the author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook: A Step by Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns. She helps businesses, marketing professionals, and mobile marketing entrepreneurs to understand and take action in mobile marketing.

The team will deliver to you daily news on mobile marketing, Apps, ads, platform developments.
The following topics are covered: campaigns, platform developments, Apps, video, location, trends, and much more.

Appetizer Mobile is a unique mobile application development, consulting and marketing company. The company shares best tips on how to improve sales, increase engagement, how to protect your customers’ data, etc.

The team will deliver to you the latest mobile news and reviews – all in one place: smartphones, Apps, platforms and more.

MMA is the world’s leading global non-profit trade association. The consortium includes brand marketers, agencies, enabling technologies, media companies. On their account the experts regularly post best tips and practices how to promote Applications.

Tweet 10 App marketing experts worth following on Twitter in 2017

Steve is an App marketing wizard and founder of @AppMastersCo. His main mission is to get your App company discovered. He regularly posts tips on how to grow your App, how to avoid mistakes, how to finance your App’s growth, etc.

Amazing company which provides professional App demo videos and trailers for mobile App and game marketing. They post nice ideas about App videos, give tips how to create great Instagram videos, how to use Snapchat to advertise your App.

ComboApp is a social media marketing agency that provides services for a global mobile app marketplace. The team also publishes posts on how to do mobile game marketing and stay profitable, how to build an active user base for a retail app, how to get your app in the top charts with a limited budget.

This is a self-service advertising tool for mobile App marketing. The guys offer useful and valuable tips on how to evaluate whether your App idea is worth investing, different ways to generate more App revenue. They also share mobile App success stories.

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