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The translation industry is expected to implement some new and exciting trends in the new future.

This year I read a lot and learned a lot. I fell in love with some impressive articles. What you are about to read are my picks for the best articles in the translation and localization industry that were published around the web. These articles managed to stand out from the crowd and receive the biggest sharing scores in social media.

This small research reveals what freelance translators like to share. In this study, I compared sharing activity for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. The results show that Facebook dominates all channels. The chart below shows that articles about career get the most shares in recent years. Freelance translator tools and tips are on the same level, though an article by Alina Cincan was the hit of the year taking into account the share score.

Here’s a look back at the best of the best content in translation industry this year:

This article was the hit in 2016. It has got more than 2.6K share scores in the social media. Professional translators from all over the world share their experience with the tools (except CAT) that they couldn’t live without. If you are still hesitating what tools to use for productivity, time management, collaboration, proofreading, social media, go and read the article.

With total 672 sharing scores this article by Ted. R. Wozniak is written in defense of the practice of working solely for agencies. He states that while working for direct clients may appear to be advantageous to freelancers, especially in terms of direct compensation, the disadvantages are seldom mentioned. Check his article to find out the disadvantages.

Samanphy Li’s article managed to get 624 sharing scores. If you haven’t decided yet what to do in your career, then this article is for you. Samanphy insists if you have a passion for languages and a desire to forge a successful career, the many benefits of being a translator offer the perfect way of putting your linguistic skills to enjoyable, fulfilling, and profitable use.

The total sharing score is 543. Another hit of 2016. If you are just starting your freelance translator career, you are obliged to read Simon’s article. You will find out what are the channels for a freelance translator to get assignments and will get the best advice from industry leaders.

An amazing article with the total shares 412 on how to build a balance between work and rest, work and family. At least this is the way I see it. Do you want to have a little too much work? Then read it!

The article gives top 10 tips on how to find work, where to advertise, what competition to face, etc. After reading the article freelance translators get themselves off on the right foot and create the best possible base for your new career as a freelance translator. Sharing score – 386.

Enas Ibrahim is a project manager. He shares his experience when collaborating with freelancers: issues that he encounters every day as well as gives his recommendations for a more productive working relationship. This article wins 366 sharing score.

Corinne McKay gives solutions to a conundrum that she hears frequently from freelancers at all experience levels: agencies won’t pay my rates, and I can’t find any direct clients. What are the solutions? Click on the link. The sharing score is 364.

Another amazing article about roadmap as a freelance translator. If you are in doubt which career path to choose, then you should definitely read this. The total share is 339.

Elena Tereshchenkova’s podcast on how to use Trello in the everyday life of a freelance translator to increase productivity. The following topics are covered: using Trello to manage projects and tasks, to increase productivity, for marketing planning and campaigns.