Best English Russian Translator: How To Hire

//Best English Russian Translator: How To Hire
best english russian translator

“English Russian translator?” – “Oh, there are so many of them. How do you manage to compete in the translation industry”.

I found this statement in the comments on my Facebook business page.

And it came to me, that not too many people understand how freelance business works in the translation industry.

And this comment inspired me to write a post on how to find the best English Russian translator to meet your requirements and solve your problems.

English Russian translator Services: Niche And Areas Of Expertise

English Russian translators cannot translate everything. Some translators deal with marketing text, others can localize websites. Every niche requires from an English Russian translator to have special knowledge and skills besides language background.

At first view, it might seem that there are so many English Russian translators and the competition is very high. But if you look deeper, and state what kind of text you need to translate into Russian, the search options will narrow down greatly.

Professional marketing English Russian translators will not take a project to translate technical texts. Legal English Russian translators also won’t agree to translate your website into Russian. That means that these English Russian translators are experts in their fields, respect their customers and care what they do.

If an English Russian translator tackles your text, without looking at it, and doesn’t specify the specialization, you might be in danger.

As a rule, according to my experience, many customers do come back to professional English Russian translators who are experts in their fields.

And on top of all, those customers would have to pay twice and lose their time.

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Check If The English Russian Translator Cares About The Business Reputation

Positive word-of-mouth and the steady flow of organic referrals for every professional English to Russian translator are the lifeblood.

For my freelance translation business, I know that satisfied customers who get more and more organic traffic and sales from the website that I localized into Russian, will tell their friends the next time they are asked, “Know a good English Russian translator to localize a website?”

The rule of one-fifty works very well in the translation business. If an English Russian translator submits poor Russian translation or offers poor customer service, the customers will tell fifty people about it.

Therefore, make sure to check whether an English Russian translator has got a good reputation on social media. Just make a search on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Brian Bennet February 19, 2018 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    Those are some excellent tips. I agree that a good social reputation is a must before you acquire Russian translation services for website translation because you need to know if they are good at what they do only then can they improve your website’s authority potential.

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