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I offer my translation services in different fields at competitive rates.

I have been in the translation and localization business for nearly 17 years. With my translation services, you don’t have to pay additional fees which translation companies charge their clients, as a rule. I also offer advanced solutions to cut costs on translation services without affecting the quality of the completed projects. And as a freelance translator, I am proud to present a special service – multilingual translation services and website translation.

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Standard translation

100 words


Product Descriptions

Ecommerce translation

200 words


Blog Post

Marketing translation

500 words


Birth Certificate

Certificate Translation

1 document


Keyword Research

Keyword localization

5 words



Here is what my happy customers say about my translation services:

russian translator english to russian

The best freelance translator! She can adapt the tone of your language and maintain consistent wording throughout your website so as to present a cohesive, professional experience.

Caleb Justin

Freelance Translator Services

Website Translation

Website translation and localization. I translate and localize websites for nearly 15 years. Keywords localization. Professional website translation services.

Technical Translation

Technical translation services. The best technical freelance translator since 2000. Serving private and public engineering companies from around the world.

Marketing Translation

As the best freelance translator, I can translate newsletters, customer reviews, Adwords, PPC. I will translate your docs delivering the main message and tone of your company.

Medical Translation

Medical translation: pharmaceutical translation, medical device translation services, clinical research translation, consent forms for clinical trials. Translating medical documents.

Legal Translation

Court document translation and legal document translation services: claim forms and response packs, particulars of claims, evidence bundles, business contracts and patents.

Business Translation

Business translation services: non-disclosure agreements, employee agreements, newsletters, articles, partnership agreements, accounting documents and reports.

Save on freelance translation

Don’t pay twice for the same words. Start calculating new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. Check my online tool.

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Freelance translator rates

Freelance translator rates dependable on many factors. At, you can always get the best professional translation services to meet your requirements at a fair price.

Factors Affecting Translation Costs

  • Size: translation projects are measured according to the word count. If there are more than 10,000 words, you can always get a good discount.

  • Deadline: the translation rate per word is always higher if you have an urgent project. As, a rule it is 20% higher than a normal rate for  translation.

  • Expertise: if you need to translate some content from narrow areas of expertise, the price for translation services is higher than general text. The reason is that it requires more expertise and time from a translator to complete the project with the best results.

You can start saving now. Get the count new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. There are different translation rates for new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. When you have the right word count, you can estimate how much you can save on translation. Check the number of words with my online tool.

Professional website translation services.