Since many people ask me for advice on how to localize a WordPress website, I decided to write this post.
The simplest way to make your WordPress website multilingual is to install translation WordPress plugins and find translators whose expertise is website translation services. Check below my hacks and tricks to find the best solutions.

WordPress Translation Plug-ins

Here is a list of the most popular WordPress translation plug-ins which will help you create a multilingual website:

1. Transposh WordPress Translation (FREE)
2. Multilingual Press (FREE)
3. xili-language (FREE)
4. qTranslate or mqTranslate (FREE)
5. Google Language Translator (FREE)
6. nLingual (FREE)
7. User Language Switch (FREE)
8. WCM User Language Switcher (FREE)
9. Stella ($14.99)
10. WPML ($29+)

Discuss with your website developer which one is the best for your website. Personally, I prefer WPML plug-in. It costs some money, but the WPML team always provides support and updates. By the way, most translators whose area of expertise is website translation and localization have already purchased the plug-in and can provide you the license free of charge.

How To Localize A WordPress Website And Get More Traffic?

The most important stage in website localization is to find the right website translator or website localization specialist. Website translation is not just content translation. It starts with keyword research in the target market, competitive analysis, glossary and style guide development. If the translated website does not contain keywords that the target audience is using while searching for products or services similar to yours, that means that the website translation is useless. Therefore, before assigning a project to a translator, ask for options or how to localize a WordPress website.

cheap translations

So, if your final goal is to get more traffic and reach the target audience, do not look for cheap translation services. Website translation is a complex process, it is not word-for-word translation. But there is a solution how you can reduce the costs: calculate how many new words and repetitions are on your website.

As a rule, the price for repetitions is much less than for new words. I have developed a special tool to get the website word count. As a rule, this option is available only in the premium tools for translators. On my website you can use it for free, just indicate the URL of your website and get the total word count on the domain and as well as in separate pages.

As soon as you get the number of new words and repetitions, go to Online Translation Calculator to get an approximate estimation on how you can save on your translation project.