Freelance Translation Tools: An Ultimate Guide

As a freelance translator you have to translate, localize, record and issue invoices, keep blogging and promote yourself on social media. That sounds hectic?

Fortunately today our world is packed with a wide range of tools, software and resources that improve efficiency, consistency and quality. Each business niche requires certain tools. Same goes with translation and localization niche. Whether you are a newbie freelance translator on a tight budget, or an expert freelance translator living it up in the cloud, we can all relate to that one scary thing – how overwhelming freelance translation business is when you first start out.

Since the web is rife with biased reviews and conflicting information, this post was made to give freelance translators a straight up answer to one of the most important questions we all, freelance translators, face from the get go:

“What freelance translation tools to use to be a successful freelance translator?”

To answer this question, I have gathered dozen of expert translators to reveal what a freelance translator really needs to keep successful online freelance translation business.

Below the infographics you can download a list of links where you can find these tools.

So without further ado, here are the freelance translation tools the successful translators highly recommend you to use:

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