Tips to choose a good domain registrar for your freelance translation website

Make sure you’re going through an ICANN-registered registrar.

Freelance Translation Website: everything you need to know. ICANN is the Internet-overseeing authority, which regulates all Internet interactions and processes. It delegates certain companies, the Registries, the right to sell certain .TLDs (TLD – top level domains, domains ending with extensions .com, .net, .org etc and the newest ones like .services. .business etc that we discussed in my previous articles)

Convenient user interface and sufficient knowledgebase.

What does it mean? Just go to the website of the registrar and consider from the point of an ordinary user whether it is quite easy to find an accessible login area and knowledgebase area (i.e. basic documentations on using the services of the provider).

Reliable and efficient customer support service.

Check if the provider has got a support request area where you can ask for help or send enquiries online. Even if you are not registered with the company, a decent company is always eager to get the customers and launches online support where you can ask any questions that troubles you concerning the domain names. By the way this is a very good way to test whether it is worth to cooperate with them.
Usually customer support is provided via online chats, emails and phone support. Of course, on the international level, the most suitable one is always online chat.

When you create the online presence, it is very important to bring some benefits to the customers. Don’t know how to do? Check my tips for customers how to translate English to Russian effectively.

Domain Registration & Hosting.

To be visible online you need two things firstly – domain name and where your domain name will be located. In simple words, when you translate a file, a domain name is like a file name. Before closing a file, you need to save it and to locate it somewhere on your hard drive. In this case hard drive could be presented as a hosting for your domain name. There are a few service providers which offer either domain registration or hosting services separately. But mostly they offer both services. My advice while looking for domain registration is also pay attention to hosting services. As it is more convenient to use all the services from one provider. In my other articles you can find detailed reviews on which type of hosting it is better to use and which hosting provider to choose.

Automatic domain renewal service and expiration notice.

It is very vital to receive expiration notice and automatic renewal service from the registrar. Automatic domain renewal ensures you don’t lose your domain name upon expiration. That’s why when choosing your domain registar, pay attention to this point. I have had a very bad experience, I missed an opportunity to renew a domain name, and I had to pay around 300 usd to restore it. So I would say that domain name expiration notice is a very valuable feature.

My experience: freelance translation website

I have come through many difficulties before I found the perfect domain registar and hosting provider. You know my choice, it is Godaddy. They have been in the business for quite a long time with a good ICANN reputation, they are one of the first in the business. They were the first to offer new type of hosting for users without special IT skills – Managed WordPress Hosting. If you visit their website, you will easily find login area, knowledgebase are and customer support. And the most important – you will always get expiration notice to your e-mails.
If you want to follow my choice, just click on the link below and you will be able to get an amazing offer from Godaddy.
If you still need help getting a domain name, check out my other articles about the rules for choosing a domain name, and also about best top level domains for a translator website.
If you decided to use the services of Managed WordPress hosting, just grab an opportunity to get a free domain with Godaddy. The details are described in the article on how to purchase this package from them.

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