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To create an online presence, to stay competitive in the translation and localization business, you’ve got to have an eye for quality, an ear for ideas and a heart for your customers. To compete in the translation business you are obliged to juggle lots of balls, spin several plates whilst proudly delivering on the sweetest translation stuff. Sounds hectic? May be … this is the first impression.

Today there are so many tools and resources that can help a freelance translator to establish a powerful online presence on a budget and be competitive. Being an English to Russian translator for nearly 18 years, I use all of them regularly.

In this post, I would like to tell you how to create a stylish and beautiful logo without investing a penny.

Tools and resources that you will need to create a logo for your freelance translation business:

1. for every freelance translator

This is a hub of stock free images. You will find free vector art, illustrations, PSD, photos and free icons there. All the images are available for free personal and commercial use. To create your own freelance translator logo, just search for the word “logo”. You will get a big range of logos, catered to all tastes.


An online graphic design platform with lots of features and functionalities to create a variety of engaging content from Facebook posts images to wedding invitations. This time we are going to use this tool to adjust our freelance translator logo. What you firstly have to do is just to log in either by using your Facebook account or by creating a new account. Afterwards just follow the steps from the video below.

If you need a logo with a transparent background, you will need an image in .png format. Right now this feature is only available for premium members. But if you choose a trial option, you can use a premium package for 30 days free of charge. My advice is to take this opportunity and use premium package for free. You will need your freelance translator logo in png format with the transparent background in the future. You can include it in your promotional emails to market your freelance translation services, or in newsletters, or on a website with the darker or just colored background.

3. ColorPix.exe

It is a free tool grab a pixel under the mouse and choose a desired color. All colours on images have got their own number. For a logo to look consistent, stylish and just beautiful, the lettering can be of the same colour as your freelance translator logo.

To define the colour of your logo, just run ColorPix.exe, put your mouse on a desired place on a logo. After that push a button on a keyboard – in this way you will lock the color code. Then go to html# and click on the code – the pc will copy the code. Paste this code into the colour palette from Canva menu. For more detailed instructions, plz watch the video below.

If you have any questions, I will be very glad to answer and assist you!