How To Choose A Translator Website Host: Best Recommendations From A Freelance Translator With 15 Years Experience

In the Internet you can find a lot of articles on how to choose a translator website host and domain issues. In my previous articles we cleared up why every translator needs a website, how to choose the right domain in translation business, what CMS platform to choose for a website of a freelance translator, and today we will speak about the place where to store your CMS platform, your content, images and videos. Choosing the right hosting provider is a very difficult issue. As the solution influences directly on the performance of your website, with a bad hosting provider you won’t be able to optimize the website properly and that means you will be behind your competitors. In this article I summarized my painful experience so that you could avoid hosting ordeal and start up successfully.

How To Choose A Translator Website Host. Shared Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting to Sep Up a Translation Services Website.

At first view a shared hosting (i.e. when you share your files on the server with other people) is the cheapest means for hosting a website. But this is true until you start optimizing the website (we will speak about that later). An average price for a shared hosting is $3.5 / month. When optimizing a website, you will face security and speed issues. To resolve them, you will have to pay additional fees monthly and hire a freelance to fix those issues. Managed WordPress hosting can remove much of the stress, headaches and costs from running your site. That’s why if you start a website from a scratch, and you don’t have skills in programming, then you choice should be managed hosting.

A Website For A Translator and A Managed WordPress Hosting

How to choose a translator website host and save a good fortune are one of the most important issues among the translators. Managed WordPress Hosting is a powerful optimized hosting environment complete with built-in server caching to get your site at fast speeds. It is considered to be hassle-free hosting and practically hacker proof.

Speed: according to new google requirements the page load time should be less than 2 ms. Best-in-class performance of servers and built-in cache in Managed WordPress Hosting will help you reach this basic requirement.
Security: you sites will not be hacked.
Automated backups: Daily backups of your files and database.
CDN services: your images and video are downloading faster.

When you create content for your website, tell your customers how you can help them. Don’t know how to do? Check my recommendations for clients how to translate English to Russian with a limited budget.

A List of Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

A couple of weeks ago I have carried out a deep analysis on managed WordPress hosting providers around the world. All of them offer CDN services, daily backups, page caching and security scans. Which company to choose is up to you.

My best recommendations what services to choose for your freelance website:

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