Each seller or provider intends to expand their businesses globally sooner or later. The main task is to let their potential customers know about their goods and services. Even a greater challenge is to convince them to buy and to think that their offer is a great deal they can’t miss.

You still have a risk to sound weird and awkward when you want to get automatic email translations, but with a little compromise, you have a pretty good chance to convey your message to the reader. This is a convenient and low-cost option for both parties that want to fit within a budget.

Don’t forget to follow simple rules to make the delivery clearer:

  • express your thoughts in short sentences;
  • avoid words with ambiguous meaning that might lead to misunderstanding;
  • bribe your customers with great deals and discounts in your Gmail;
  • put the conditions precisely not to sound tricky and to save on refunds and claims;
  • make it catchy but remember they need to localize it, so don’t use puns (play on words), phrasal units, stylistic devices or other items that can be misinterpreted by a foreign mentality;
  • check with the back translation, if the meaning remains basically the same it is correct;
  • see with Google search, if an expression in question exists.
Localizing Email Campaigns with Google Translate

How to set up automatic email translations in Gmail

The internet and the possibility of worldwide shipping give a wonderful opportunity to sell almost anything anywhere. Yet, to get significant traffic and conversion may still remain difficult.

Lack of communication and understanding has always been an issue for people who speak different languages, especially in oral speech. In writing, however, Google Translate can cope with the task more or less decently in translating your emails. Sometimes, even better.

The matter is that some words sounding similar to your language, mean completely different things. These are the so-called translator’s false friends. A human can confuse them. Nevertheless, even though automatic email translations can’t rival with human translators’ competence, this is the case when it handles the matter a way better simply because there is no mother tongue for a machine. Unless, of course, the developers didn’t consult dictionaries properly relying on their intuition. This is where the human factor may still interfere but basically, it does not.

Translate forms and response emails

Perhaps, discounts are the most pleasant part of purchasing. But even when the seller is ready to grant them and the buyer is ready to buy what they need at a friendly price, it is not out of a sudden. The least the customer should do is to fill in the forms on the site to subscribe and to sign in.

The seller may send out some surveys to get a better idea of how their product is perceived by the customers. When buyers are free to express their thoughts in their first language, they are more engaged in the process. There are several options to translate emails:

  • a customer translates with Google Translate via a link provided in the email;
  • a customer uses Google Translate add-on installed in Chrome by default on condition the option is enabled;
  • a seller translates on their own using whatever they find convenient.

Email body translation

Either you have a site or just a shop on Ebay or Amazon, be sure to provide your contact information, terms of delivery, refund etc. in a comprehensible way. Remember, even though the majority of users have a command of English either as the first or second language, there are still a great number of persons around the world who can’t understand a word. They might be interested in your product, so it will be wise to assist them to get the message. This way, you can expand the geography of sales.

While the preheader is the catchiest, the body of the email is the most convincing part. The general rules as to conveying your thoughts meant for translation are the same – the reader should get what you are trying to say and hopefully buy your product.

A good idea is to place a banner with a translation option on your side as well – to make the email content clearer if there is no switch to other languages in the menu. It works best when languages are similar (e.g. Norwegian and Sweden, Spanish and Italian, Turkish and Azerbaijani, Romanian and Moldavian). This can partially refer to a Russian translation and Ukrainian translation because mostly, the population in Ukraine understands Russian well.

Translate preheader and footer content

Preheader is the first thing that catches the reader’s eye when they decide either to open your email or skip it. Make it catchy but simple and provide an email translation option so that the reader could comprehend it.
Make sure to include it into your email, otherwise, the user will get the first text available from the email with all tags. They look weird to a common user arising no interest.

When it comes to the number of characters, the optimal one is 50-100. Remember that Russian or Ukrainian words are longer than English, so make the English version shorter.

To summarize, for an efficient preheader, do the following:

  • don’t forget to include it;
  • make it optimally long (50-100 characters);
  • double-check you don’t use the old preheader in your new email.

Footer is not less important. To make it legal in terms of the anti-spam policy, provide the instructions on how to unsubscribe from your company’s emails and the link to do so. Otherwise, the target of your emails may be but a trash bin. Also, it will be useful to describe shortly your delivery and returns policy, methods of payments and other technical information on your business. Put it simply, easy to translate online and to understand.

Email header Gmail translation

Basically, your task is to introduce yourself as a respected and reliable company. Tell the user who you are what you deal with: what you sell, provide or supply. Include your logo and product photos to sound serious and competent.

Regarding foreign users, bear in mind that as images are rarely translated with machines, add the text option that would be simple to understand with special easily available software. It should also include a link with a direct command as to the language in question, for example, translate from English to Russian.

After the theory, here comes the practical part. There are a few comments on how smart automatic email translations in Gmail is. We consulted several natives as to its translation of the header “Best deals waiting for you” and give their verdict, in respect of grammar, spelling, meaning, and word usage.

RussianЛучшие предложения ждут васCorrect, like “best offers”
UkrainianНайкращі пропозиції, які чекають на васCorrect, like “best offers”
TurkishSeni bekleyen en iyi fırsatlarPartially correct, „sizi“ – should be used for the polite “you” like in German “Sie”

‘Firstatlar’ stands for opportunities, advantages, chances

GermanDie besten Angebote warten auf SieCorrect, also ‘die Top-Deals’ for ‘best deals’

The variants are mainly correct and take into account the mentality peculiarities: deals are translated as offers, opportunities, and even with the borrowed “Top-Deals” like in German (capitalized according to German spelling rules for nouns). There is only one discrepancy about the polite form for “you” in Turkish, though it is correct for Russian and Ukrainian. Regarding the rest, the idea is rendered quite precisely.

Increase sales in your email translations

The more people know about your products, the better. That means they can buy what you sell, recommend to their friends and advise how to improve your goods. All these result in boosting your profit. Thus, when you pay enough attention to the aspect, you get proper returns.

In conclusion, here are some basic things for perfect interaction with the end-user you should bear in mind to achieve the goal:

  • tell about your brand with email newsletters;
  • show the advantages of your product;
  • describe the benefits of buying your goods online;
  • ask for feedback to make your services even better. If you target at Russian-speaking clients, then include the option enabling them to translate;
  • offer top deals and special discounts, referral and loyalty programs;
  • make sure the reader will be able to translate your emails.