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Professional Marketing Translation Services

Happy to be a part of digital marketing and SEO teams of the leading companies and start-ups with the main focus on the Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking markets.

There are many strategies for a business to expand into new markets. But all of them are based on the same concept – “Speak the language of your customers.” If your website does not contain the keywords in Russian, it will be impossible to get new Russian-speaking customers from Google or Yandex search results. Without the proper translation of social media posts or blog posts, you won’t be able to give the right information to the target audience about your products or services. It is crucial to collaborate with a translator with marketing and SEO skills, to penetrate Russian-speaking countries and start selling there.

Marketing Translator

Translation and Localization For Marketing and SEO

Content Translation Services For Companies With the Focus On The Russian-speaking Market

With my marketing translation services, you will be able to reach your target audience and penetrate the Russian market.

  • Ten years experience in website translation and localization;
  • keyword research with the best SEO tools (Ahref, Semrush);
  • more than fifteen happy marketing companies;
  • social media translation services;
  • blog post translation and newsletter translation;
  • translate emails.

Translation of Marketing Content

As a marketing translator with extensive experience, Hanna Sles is exactly the right partner if you want to penetrate into the Russian-speaking countries.

Why Hanna Sles?

My area of expertise in marketing translation extends to detailed keyword research in Russian with professional SEO tools, maintaining a consistent tone and voice across the company’s content.


Here is what my happy customers say about my content translation services:

russian translator english to russian

Hanna translated texts for emails, social media posts and adverts. Thanks to her language services, our company has reached a wider Russian-speaking audience.

Caleb Justin

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