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Medical translator services directly from a professional freelance translator. I offer English to Russian medical translation services, Russian to English medical translation, and German to Russian and Ukrainian languages services. I translate from English to Ukrainian.

My fields of expertise in medical document translations are pharmaceutical translation services, medical device translation, clinical research translation, dental translation services. With my medical document translation services you can always reduce English to Russian translation costs without affecting the quality thanks for my special word count tools.

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Pharmaceutical Translation Services

As a pharmaceutical translator, I will translate to Russian and help you bring your drug to the Russian-speaking markets. With my Russian to English translation, scientists, doctors, or with my Russian to English translator services, scientists and patients will communicate effectively and share their results with the pharmaceutical companies. And the sales department will be able to prepare medical documentation and online visibility which is relevant to the Russian-speaking market.

Medical Device Translation

Selling medical devices to Russian-speaking countries require translations of all user guides, manuals, and specifications into Russian. On top of that, due to cultural differences and SEO issues, it might also require rebranding and SEO optimization. I can translate from English to Russian. As an English to Russian translator, I will ensure that my medical translation English to Russian for your medical devices is translated and localized with the highest level of accuracy.

Clinical Research Translation

As a medical translator English to Russian, I will provide medical translation services for clinical trials and research, including study protocols and patient information, patient diaries and recruitment materials, consent and outcome documents. I translate Russian English, translate English Russian and translate Ukrainian to English. I am dedicated to delivering the highest standards in Russian medical translation to clients worldwide while meeting the deadlines and offering attractive medical translation rates.

Dental Translation Services

My Russian medical translation includes dental translation services. Selling dental implants and dental devices in the Russian-speaking market is impossible without relevant localization, dental user guides translation, specification translation, etc. With my medical translation English to Russian, I will help you enter successfully into the Russian-speaking markets. With my Ukrainian to English translator services, you will win the Ukrainian market. I also  translate from Russian to English.

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Medical Translation English To Russian

I always intend to help my customers get the best rates. For this, I developed special online tools to count new words and repetitions in your medical documents. Unlike other language service providers, I offer lower rates for repetitions. This is how you can cut costs on your Russian translation to English.

In this way, you can significantly cut your costs on medical translator services. You do not have to pay twice for the same words in your medical document. And at the same time the quality of the medical translation services will not be affected and be kept to the highest standard levels.

When you find out how many words are there in your medical document, you can calculate the total of your translation project, by using my online translation calculator. It will give you an approximate total based on the word count (new words and repetitions), as well as word rate of your translator.

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