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Professional Medical Translation Services

Successfully cooperating with the leading pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) worldwide for nearly nineteen years.

The accuracy and effectiveness in the healthcare industry is very important and depends first and foremost on communication, especially in a multilingual environment. Without precise and cost-effective communication, it is impossible to get accurate patient information leaflets, clinical protocols, study drug labels and drug inserts, etc. To enter Russian-speaking countries successfully and establish a presence there, pharmaceutical and medical device factories need professional medical translation and localization services.

Medical Translator

Translation and Localization For Healthcare Industry

Medical Document Translation For Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Factories

With my medical translator services, you will overcome barriers to communication.

  • Almost 19 years experience in medical document translation
  • high expertise and linguistic ability needed for medical translation projects;
  • more than twenty happy manufacturing companies;
  • precise and consistent use of medical terms;
  • styles guides, glossaries and translation memory for every project.

Medical Document Translations

As a medical translator with solid experience, Hanna Sles is exactly the right partner helping companies enter Russia and Ukraine.

Why Hanna Sles?

My area of expertise in medical translation extends to clinical research translation, medical devices translation, pharmaceutical translation, medical validation documents, etc.


Here is what my happy customers say about my translation services:

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Very fast, very friendly, very good! The best Russian translator, indeed. And all for a fair price.

Caleb Justin

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