Random Facts About Me

//Random Facts About Me

50 Random Facts About Me And My Life

random facts about me
  1. I was born in 1976.
  2. I’ve got Master’s Degree in Linguistics (English, German).
  3. I started to work as a Russian translator in 2000.
  4. The first company I worked for was Dublin City Language Services.
  5. I have set up a special summer offer for translation services for the first time. Colleagues, please do not attack me for my pricing policy. Please check point 41.
  6. I launched this website in 2014.
  7. Website building has been my hobby since 2000.
  8. I designed and set up this website on my own.
  9. I manage my social media accounts on my own.
  10. SEO has been my passion since 2007.
  11. I love exploring and learning new things.
  12. I enjoy getting exciting feedbacks from my customers.
  13. Website translation is my obsession. I always intend to translate a website that will bring new customers.
  14. I do not translate keywords into Russian; I localize and search for them in the Russian-speaking market.
  15. I use different keyword research software tools. I love investing into my Russian translation business in order to bring good results to my customers.
  16. I always use CAT tools. My favorite one is SDL Trados Studio.
  17. I always try to find new solutions to my customers to cut costs on translation services.
  18. Together with my friend I developed a special website word count tool to count words on a website. It is possible to count words on separate pages and on the whole domain.
  19. My customers can save on translation services by calculating repetitions.
  20. As an English to Russian translator, I have translated almost 15 mln words within 17 years.
  21. I also offer German to Russian translator services.
  22. I provide Ukrainian translator services.
  23. I am really proud of the work I do.
  24. I always chat with the visitors on my website.
  25. I have been married for 17 years.
  26. I am an introvert at heart and love just being alone.
  27. I love music. It’s gotten me through so many tough times in my life.
  28. I set up a Facebook group “Ask A Russian Translator“. The name says it all.
  29. I’ve got two friends since my University life (more than 20 years).
  30. I hate liars.
  31. I don’t fear the future.
  32. I am happy to have a job that brings me joy.
  33. One of the greatest regret in my life is the betrayal of people who used to call themselves family and friends.
  34. I have never played online games.
  35. I do not have a TV at home.
  36. I like number “7” – this is a mystical number. It is very much connected to my life.
  37. I love dry red wine.
  38. I do not smoke and I hate the smell of cigarette smoke.
  39. Every day I have two cups of black coffee.
  40. I hate milk.
  41. I hate bullying, especially belittling, threatening and yelling. If you bully me or others then I will simply ignore you forever.
  42. I never stop googling, this is a part of my job.
  43. I like to do online shopping. I hate in-stores.
  44. The most important and inspirational person in my life is my father.
  45. I love sport. I go to the gym four times a week.
  46. I was born left handed. Today I can write either with my left hand or with my right one, but I can draw only with the left one.
  47. I still cannot ride a bike. I am too scared.
  48. I am crazy over healthy food, and prefer eating what I cooked on my own.
  49. I like unique jewelry with special meaning behind.
  50. My favorites color is dark blue.
  51. Loyalty and trust are the pillars of my translation and localization services.
Random Facts About Me
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