Check details on the Refund Policy from Hanna Sles

If you wish to request for cancellation after placing an order, you should do this promptly. If I have not started translating your project, I will issue a 100% refund. But if I have already translated some parts of the text, then I am unable to accept your cancellation request.

If you wish to do a partial cancellation for services not required, then I accept these requests if I have not already executed them. For example, if you have paid for hard copies but you would wish to have only the documents in the electronic format, then I can refund the additional charges you paid for the hard copies, if I have not already mailed them. You should request for cancellation by sending an email to [email protected] You can also chat with me online or call our phone.

Edit Requests
You can request edits to your translated documents. I will make the edits promptly. Such edits will be done as many times as requested and they include synonyms, word rpeferences, spelling names not provided when ordering and illegible words in a scan. I will edit your translated documents based on your feedback. But I am unable to issue a refund or do a chargeback.

Errors Or Mistranslation
I guarantee the highest accuracy on all my translations. I follow a strict quality control process to ensure that your translated documents are error-free and there is no mistranslation. If you spot an error or mistranslation in your document, contact me immediately. I will immediately rectify the errors in your mistranslated document.

Name spellings (if not provided) and word preferences do not construe as mistranslations or errors. No refund will be allowed for name spellings (when not provided earlier) and word preferences.
If you wish to reject the translation and request a refund due to an error or mistranslation, then I allow such a refund only if it reasonably determines that my quality standards were not met and my proofreading process failed.
After I acknowledge that it fails my quality standards promised to you, I will issue a refund to the extent of the quality compromised. Under any circumstance, my liability will always be limited to fixing the errors or providing a refund. Hanna Sles will not have any other liability or indemnity obligations.

Missing Pages
I follow a strict quality control process to make sure I do not miss anything while translating your documents. But if you receive your translations and notice a page or section missing, contact me immediately and I will fix it soon. If I am unable to turnaround the missing sections within my promised timeframe, I will communicate this to you and provide you with the option to refuse the missing translations and instead receive a partial refund, calculated for the missing sections.

If you have not paid for DTP or not provided a clear scan, I cannot guarantee a 100% mirror image. I, therefore, cannot issue a refund for such complaints. If the scanned image is blurry I only do plain text translation.

Delivery Delay
I strive to complete all our translations as soon as I receive them, in most cases less than 24 hours. But I cannot guarantee an exact delivery time for all the orders. If I have not expressly agreed to a 24-hour delivery, you are not entitled to reject any delivery, citing delays. If I have expressly agreed to a 24-hour delivery, then you are entitled to a refund amount determined by the delay period calculated after the 24th hour. If the delay is less than 24 hours from the committed delivery time, I will issue a 10% refund. If the delay is more than 24 hours from the committed delivery time, I will issue a refund of 15%. Any refund on a project of over $10,000 will be treated on an individual basis.