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Project Description

Marketing Russian Translation. Best Practices.

Marketing Russian Translation:
Sample Of The Project.

I like to work in the most innovative and customer-centric e-commerce businesses like this one. I was happy to join a multicultural growing team. I managed to contribute to expanding strategies of this company. I became a part of a growing organization that is mindful of its influence in the industry and is focused on excellence and collaboration. I was responsible for translating, proofreading and post-editing different kinds of articles to Russian. I also offered additional linguistic support to other translators in the field of marketing.

I performed translation of marketing-related texts into Russian and adapted the texts to the cultural and linguistic requirements of the targeted Russian speaking audience. I also performed revision and proofreading tasks, as well as regular quality assurance. Thanks to my advanced knowledge of CAT tools I managed to cut customer’s costs up to 30%. The document has been translated and transcreated according to the peculiarities of any marketing texts.

I collaborated with a few marketing Russian translation providers. I am able to work effectively within a cross-functional team. We operated in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Our good teamwork and communication skills drove us to successful completion of the project. Our willingness and ability to work within tight deadlines helped us complete the project in time. I was available to work on tight deadlines, or sometimes during the weekend. And our motivation to work productively on daily basis resulted in global compliance, digital experience and content solutions.

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marketing russian translation

Marketing Russian Translation.

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