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Project Description

Russian Technical Translator Needed? Check My Samples.

Information About The Project

Russian technical translator needed? Let me tell you about my experience. I was lucky to become a stakeholder of the translation team at this company. My primary responsibility was to carry out language projects in accordance to the standards, style guides and glossaries of the company. The main purpose of the project was to help the company’s customers communicate and conduct business more effectively in the Russian marketplace. I worked on translation projects from the start to the end.

Before the beginning of the project I analyzed the documents taking into consideration the customer’s instructions and needs. I carried out word count with the help of professional translation software word count systems, project margin control and quote preparation. I processed confirmation orders, took into consideration the customer’s requests and specifications. During the project implementation I handled and resolved the customer’s adjustments. I ensured that the word choice and expressions generally meet the target language norms specific to electrical equipment field.

I possess advanced computer skills as well as CAT tools skills. I managed to deliver the target file looking exactly like the source one. Thanks to my knowledge of next-generation technologies I significantly reduced my customer’s costs and improve consistency throughout the translation process. That and all the above mentioned made my services the vendor of choice for translation and localization.

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Russian Technical Translator Needed

Russian Technical Translator Needed?

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