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Project Description

Technical English Russian Language Services

Overview Of The Project

Technical English Russian Services: I have been providing my customer with a full bundle of linguistic and business services, including translation, multicultural marketing, and website localization for nearly eight years. I am always delighted to work for this company, as I am a dedicated, detail oriented and passionate translator in search of new challenges. I enjoy working in a powerful and fast growing global company.

I was responsible for implementing first-rate, culturally consistent marketing and technical English Russian translations following corporate brand guidelines. I acted as an expert of the Russian culture and localized Russian marketing campaigns and product launches to increase my customer’s effectiveness in the Russian market. My role was diverse and included, on top of technical English Russia translation work, QA, cultural research, search engine optimization, and project management. I collaborated with corporate and regional subject matter experts from the technical areas. They helped me clarify ambiguous points and solve problems relating to terminology or meaning.

The documents translated by me played a vital role in the customer’s production process ensuring continuous improvement in safety, quality and productivity. I produced technical documentations that help customers better understand products. I also assisted the development teams in enhancing the user experience. I provided my recommendations to terminology and use of embedded user assistance. I evolved customer’s support documentation in a contextual way to provide the users with concepts, topics and relevant examples. Check the sample from this big project by clicking on the image.

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