How to Find A Professional Russian Translator To Increase App Download Rate

Exhausting, isn’t it?

You have given endless hours developing your great App – but still, no one downloads it. Your App download rate is drastically low?

It’s the worst feeling ever.

app download rate

You have tried promoting your App on a teaser web page, on review websites, in the social networks, in creative and funny videos to increase App download rate.

Even after promoting the App every week you just get a few App downloads.

Still, no one downloads your unique App.

What if I tell you that the best marketplace to improve App download rate and boost your App business is Russia. According to the recent studies, Russian marketplace is the largest Internet audience in Europe. There are 168 million users who might be interested in your App.

Wondering, what’s the secret to reach Russian-speaking audience?
Yes, it’s to speak their language.

How to find the Best Russian Translator on the web for your needs

Finding a Russian translator is generally easy.

There are a lot of translation marketplaces on the web where professional Russian translators are registered. E.g.:

The hardest part is to find the best Russian translator to suit your requirements. As I have mentioned, there are a lot of professional Russian translators on the web. But all of them work in different niches in the Russian translation and localization industries. To reach your goal, to make your investments effective, you have to find the best Russian translator who is the master in your niche.

Define your own goals before assigning a project to a Russian translator

Here is the situation:

An App developer, named A., decides to follow the best marketing specialists’ advice. He wants to translate his App into Russian to increase App download rate. He goes to a translation marketplace, finds a Russian translator, assigns the project, gets the translation in a few days, launches his App in Russian and waits…

But still, no one downloads his unique App, which is even translated in Russian.

  • He has been the best Russian translator for many years.

A. comes back to the Russian translator and says: “Hey, guy, your translation is useless. It doesn’t bring to me new clients”.

The Russian translator is at a loss. He has been the best Russian translator for many years. He accurately uses dictionaries, checks the terms on Google. Even if you back translate the Russian text into English, you would notice, the project is completed flawlessly.

But still, the customer is not satisfied…

And that doesn’t sound well because every translation project must end with the customer satisfaction.

What’s the bottom line:
When assigning a project to a Russian translator, always define your goals. As a rule, the main goal to translate and localize an App is to increase App download rate. Thus, the App should contain the keywords, that a person from the target audience is using to search the Google. Otherwise, if your App doesn’t contain the relevant keywords, people never know that your App ever exists.

Who is right?
Both sides failed. A. should have told the Russian translator that the main goal of this project is to increase App download rate. Whereas the Russian translator should have asked the customer how he is going to use the project, what will be the target audience, etc.

What questions to ask in order to check if the Russian translator services will be able to help you increase App download rate

How do you define the keywords for my App in the local Russian-speaking market?

Keywords have always been the core of search engine marketing and optimization. Choosing the right keywords and researching and localizing correctly for online content in different languages is critical because keyword translation is not really just about translating, rather than researching and localizing for a target locale.

Ask the Russian translator if it is worth firstly do MVP rather than App localization.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an approach for building a minimum set of features that are good enough that the customers are ready to start paying for it. This is a great method for testing if your App will be successful in certain markets.

Ask the Russian translator if there are alternative stores to promote App in Russia.

Check with the Russian translator if he or she has got some information about local App stores. Usually, Russian translators who deal with App localization can provide you with insightful information.

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