12 Freelance Translators Worth Subscribing To On Facebook

You already know that creating Facebook online presence for freelance Russian translator and for every freelance translator is very important.

But how to write awesome Facebook content for your freelance translation business? How to craft a Facebook post and keep your audiences engaged?

Today I have something that will make every freelance translator feel like you have Facebook superpowers:

In this post I will walk you through the best Facebook business pages created and constantly kept updated by the most successful freelance translators.

Warning: you are NOT going to find a complete guide how to create a Facebook business page.

I’m bringing the noise.


Facebook has become an important digital marketing channel in the translation and localization industry. Translators create business pages to attract and engage visitors, drive them to their websites, and convert them into leads (and, eventually, customers).

Just remember:

As a rule, the target audience of a translator’s business page is fellow professionals with whom you could build relationships, share your experience and give recommendations, and, of course, people interested in your services.

But here’s the kicker:

If you work as a freelance translator or a localization specialist, keeping up with the right Facebook pages can help you improve your business model, better serve your customers and boost your bottom line.

What to do:

By liking these pages you see not only what your fellow professionals are focusing on and what they are posting, but you will also get the ability to interact with them. By interacting with business pages on a regular basis you will expand your community, attract new followers and potentially find new opportunities for business partnership.

For every freelance translator looking to thrive in today’s ever-changing translation and localization industry, here are 12 essential Facebook pages to check out:

Tess Whitty launched this account for freelance translators where you can find weekly & daily marketing tips as well as marketing discussions for freelance translators. You will learn what additional skills you need to succeed as a freelance translator, how to find your clients, how to develop pricing strategies, what marketing tools to choose for your freelance translator career, etc.

Jayne Fox is a German-to-English translator and editor specializing in sci-tech, health care & corporate communications. She writes about continuing professional development (CPD) for translators and the use of technology (especially CAT tools/TEnTs) to support freelance translators’ work. You will find awesome business tips for translators, online courses, and free webinars.

Christelle Maignan is a freelance EN/FR translator, personal & business coach, public speaker and author of the Future-Proof Translator webinar series. She created Coaching For Translators to help them develop the right mindset to move forward and grow. She offers tailor-made coaching services designed to help freelance translators and interpreters reach their goals. You can find also free webinars on finding and targeting a niche market.

This account has been set up by Catherine Christaki. She offers technical translation services (IT, Medical, Gaming) from English, French & German into and from Greek. On her page, you can find weekly translation favorites – week’s selection of interesting articles on translation (including Greek translation), localization, languages, social media and business; interesting articles for marketers and other interesting stuff.

The author of this page is Simon Akhrameev: professional English to Russian translator, group admin of “Successful Freelance Translators”, and a very nice guy! You can get lots of information how to start as a freelance translator, how to launch a website, how to promote your translation services on the web.

Rx Translations is a boutique translation & training company specializing in translation for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries founded by Jenae Spry. In 2008, she left her one and only true professional office job to pursue her freelance business full time. Today Jenae offers one of the best coaching programs for freelance translators. Sometimes she organizes free webinars for translators.

Alina Cincan is a former teacher, currently translator and interpreter. She posts about languages, cultural differences, linguistic challenges, etc. In 2016 she wrote an article which became a hit in 2016 – it has got 1.7K shares on Facebook. This article is about the tools that make a translator’s work and life easier. Fellow professionals shared tools for productivity, time management, collaboration, proofreading, social media.

Dmitry Kornyukhov is an English-Russian translator and video game localization specialist from Toronto, specializes almost exclusively on English-Russian video game localization. He writes a blog for fellow professionals about important issues (such as rates, confidence, business, marketing, etc). Dmitry also manages The Open Mic, – the first blogging community and professional social network for translators.

Olga is a freelance translator from English to Russian and from German to Russian. She tries to keep her posts useful for translators, linguists, foreign language teachers, and students. However, her focus has been recently shifting more and more towards the needs of translation buyers, i.e. individual people and companies in need of translation services, especially those who need a translator but they don’t know anything about the process and they don’t know where to look for a specialist they need.

Juan Pablo Sans is a translator, game localization specialist and subtitling specialist with 8 years of experience in the translation industry, especially in the entertainment area. Juan Pablo has been the translator of many important games such as Runescape, Club Penguin, and more recently FIFA 17. He posts about localization and languages.

Jo Rourke is a Spanish to English translator and copywriter with 14 years’ experience in the fields of marketing, business, and creative texts. She also offers courses for freelance translators on how to attract clients with freelance translator’s website content. In her business page, she shares articles for translators and business owners written by her.

David Miralles provides English to Spanish translation, interpreting, transcreation, editing and proofreading services from Edinburgh. He focuses on promoting and developing his clients’ businesses. In his posts, he explains how he will make a business grow through linguistic strategies combined with marketing, business, and legal knowledge. A good example what to write for customers.