Check the details on Shipping Policy from Hanna Sles

1. Upon client request, Hanna Sles will provide printed paper copies of the translation(s). The hard copies will be shipped as soon as a client approves the completed translation by confirming the link provided to the client by email.

2. Depending on your mailing preference, as well as your location, the following charges may be applied:

– US Express Mailing (1 day): $40.00 USD
– US Standard Mailing (2-3 days): $30.00 USD
– Canada Mailing (1-3 days): $45.00 USD
– International Mailing (3-5 days): $60.00 USD
– Office Pickup: $14.99 USD

3. Once the documents are shipped to the client, the client shall be provided with a tracking number from Hanna Sles. In this way, the client will be able to track the documents.

4. Hanna Sles shall not be responsible for the delivery of the documents. In case the package is lost, the client will direct all the questions and initiate the investigation with the shipping services company.

4. Hanna Sles shall not be responsible of any modifications or edits conducted to the documents after being approved by the client through the dedicated link.

Contact Information
If you have any queries or complaints, please contact me in written form or via e-mail at the address below :

Hanna Sles
400 W 38th St, New York,
NY 10018, United States
Email: [email protected]