In the previous post, we discussed in details how to translate Russian to English лежит. And today the focus of discussion is “smart” in Russian translation. I hope, you will enjoy it as much as the previous article.

1) How Smart Is The Word Smart In Russian Translation?

Throughout many centuries the word “smart” has undergone substantial changes in the meaning.
Initially, this word has got the prehistoric Germanic root “smert”. It meant “to be painful, to hurt”.
Within time “smart” the vert begat “smart” the adjective. The earliest use of it as an adjective was to mean “causing pain”.

By around 1300, “smart” was also being applied to “sharp”: He seldom failed of a smart word or two upon my littleness (Swift, 1726). Consequently, it started to mean “strong, quick”. And by the 1800s, the word developed and acquired the meaning “clever, witty, intelligent”.

The use of the word “smart to mean “intelligent” really got going in the 1800s. It eventually produced modern meanings in English. If you are in doubt about how to translate into Russian, check the post below. You will find detailed research on the word smart in Russian translation.

How to say smart in Russian?

2) Dictionary entries for smart

Below you will find dictionary entries for how to say smart in Russian translation. The entries are given for adjectives, verbs and nouns.

  1. Smart as an adjective:
English Russian
1 clever, intelligent, shrewd, brainy, cute умный, грамотный
2 elegant, stylish, chic, nice, graceful элегантный, модный
3 bright, astute, cute, quick, acute остроумный, находчивый
4 chic, fine, gay, spruce, dinky кокетливый, франтовской
5 clever, dexterous, nimble, artful проницательный
6 witty, ingenious, facetious, cute, sharp хитроумный
7 fashionable, trendy, stylish, fancy, hip щеголеватый
8 resourceful, nimble, inventive, cute, tricky развитый
9 prompt, agile, nimble, quick, alert смышленный
10 cutting, sharp, abrupt, harsh, severe находчивый
11 vigorous, energetic, spirited, strenuous, dynamic резвый, эффективный
12 acute, sharp, keen, spicy, poignant острый
13 severe, harsh, stern, austere, hard суровый


  1. Smart as a verb:
English Russian
1 burn, sting, parch, grill, bite испытывать жгучую боль
2 hurt, be ill, ache, pain, sicken испытывать резкую боль
3 suffer, perish, be in pain, labor under, writhe страдать
4 hurt, pain, injure, sore, rankle причинить боль


  1. Smart as a noun:
English meaning Russian
1 sharp stinging pain жгучая боль
2 grace, style изящество (стиля, речи и т.п.); тонкость (стиля, речи и т.п.)
3 sense, intelligence ум

3) SMART as an acronym in Russian translation

As an acronym, SMART stands for different meanings depending on the fields of use. Some of the meanings are the most popular, some of them – less. Below you will find a table of the SMART acronyms in Russian translation which are more or less popular nowadays.

SMART as an acronym SMART in Russian translation
1 Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology Технология самоконтроя, анализа и представления
2 Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-Related SMART-критерии цели: конкретность, измеримость, достижимость, релевантность, своевременность
3 Scheduling to Minimize Average Response Time Планирование для уменьшения среднего времени реагирования
4 SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training) Умное выздоровление (тренинг по самоуправлению и восстановлению)
5 Scheduled Maintenance And Reliability Team Команда Планового Ремонта И Обеспечения Надёжности
6 Skills Maintenance And Reacquisition Training Тренировка для Сохранения и Восстановления Навыков
7 Senior Management Assessment Of Readiness Team Оценка Группы Готовности Высшими Руководителями
8 System of Measurement and Reporting for Technologies Система Измерений И Отчетности По Энергетическим Технологиям И Экологически Чистым Проектам
9 System Malfunction Analysis Trainer Тренажёр для Анализа Нарушений в Работе Системы
10 Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Проект «Совершенствование математической подготовки и инженерного образования в интересах обороны»


Like in English, the most popular acronym for SMART in Russian translation is Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-Related. There are several versions of the SMART in Russian translation which is set and widely used nowadays:

  • SMART цели;
  • СМАРТ цели;
  • умные цели (less popular).

4) Smart as a part of a word in Russian translation

SMART as an acronym SMART in Russian translation
1 Smart card Смарт-карта
2 Smart Apartment смарт квартира
3 Smart TV смарт тв
4 Smart board Смарт доска
5 Smart technologies Смарт технологии
6 Smart house смартхаус

5) Context sentences for smart in Russian translation