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Professional Technical Translation Services

Technical document translation services tailored for your company’s local growth in the Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking countries.

The effectiveness of any industrial production depends on many factors, including communication. It is especially important if the manufacturing business is multilingual. Without fast, precise and cost-effective communication it will be impossible to increase the productivity, and develop a positive health and safety culture at the workplace. To collaborate with workers and companies from the Russian-speaking countries, factory managers need translation services as well as localization services.

Technical Translator

Translation and Localization For Technical Industries

Technical Translation Services For Manufacturers

I will ensure accurate and effective communication between you and your Russian-speaking partners.

  • almost 17 years experience in technical translation;
  • high expertise and linguistic ability needed for technical projects;
  • more than fifty happy manufacturing companies;
  • accurate and consistent use of technical terms;
  • styles guides, glossaries and translation memory for every project.

Technical Document Translations

As a technical translator with extensive experience, Hanna Sles is exactly the right partner to help companies establish their businesses in Russia and Ukraine.

Technical Translation

My area of expertise in technical translation extends to diverse areas including manufacturing, engineering, steel, solar technologies and many more!


Here is what my happy customers say about my translation services:

russian translator english to russian

Very fast, very friendly, very good! The best Russian translator, indeed. And all for a fair price.

Caleb Justin

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