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The easiest way to double organic traffic either to your website or App is by expanding to the Russian-speaking market. It is one of the biggest markets in the world with more than 168 mln users.

But how to define whether the Russian-speaking users are your buyers? And whether it is worth investing in translating Eng Rus?

Today, I am going to show you how to check whether your business will really work in the Russian-speaking market and in case of positive results – how you can double organic traffic.

Target Audience In The Russian Market

The first step in this process to increase organic traffic is to make a list of your company’s main keywords in English. Afterwards, translate them Eng Rus. If your budget is limited, you can use Google Translate Tool or turn to sources where you can translate Eng Rus cost-effectively.

Now you have to listen to the words that Russian-speaking customers use to describe your business or search for products similar to yours. To do this, you will have to use keyword research tool. I prefer using Uebersuggest. With this tool, you will get a list of keywords within your niche as well as search volume and competition rate. Choose the keywords in Russian with the highest search volume and lowest competition rate.

Another step to compile the inventory of the keywords in Russian is to analyze your competitors in the Russian market. Check their websites in order to determine which keywords they are promoting.

Social media will also help you figure out most popular keywords online in the niche. You can carry out the search using the keyword ideas from Uebersuggest results as well as from your competitors’ website analysis.

As soon as you get a list of keywords, you can take a decision – whether it is worth investing to translate Eng Russ your website or not. The formula for this analysis is pretty easy: if there are high search volume keywords in Russian with low competition, then go for new customers in the Russian-speaking market without a hesitation!

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Translate Eng Rus And Localize Keywords

Once you have confirmed your keywords in Russian, you can confidently use them throughout your content, brand messaging including email marketing, advertising, blog and other sales collateral.

Today most website owners think that they need to translate Eng Rus. Unfortunately, this misconception brings to useless investments and disastrous marketing blunders in the Russian market, and of course, no increase in organic traffic. As the result, your company’s reputation and success in the Russian marketplace can be under risk.

If you want to appeal to the hearts and minds of the Russian-speaking customers, and if you want to double organic traffic you will have to focus on the content localization. Website content localization includes not only translation but also cultural adaptation as well as SEO adjusting processes according to the requirements in the Russian market.

To find a Russian language service provider who will translate Eng Rus and localize the content properly is not an easy task. There are a lot of translators online.

Understanding the terms people associate with your business in Russia is a process that all businesses can benefit from. Firstly, you can estimate your chances of success, And secondly, you can translate Eng Rus and localize the content, so that the Russian-speaking target audience will find you on the web.

These techniques, in general, will help you position your business more effectively in the Russian-speaking market so that you are able to get found by new Russian customers who are searching online.