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Translate English Russian with me! I offer high-quality English Russian translation services at competitive rates. Global companies trust me to facilitate their business growth in the Russian-speaking markets.

I will help you target the right audience in the Russian-speaking countries by creating a list of keywords and a special LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) report. In this way, you will be able to get the search volume of your keywords in Russian and afterwards develop your SEO strategy in the Russian market. With the help of my expertise, you can implement the strategies attracting new Russian-speaking customers.

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Every customer who requests a call will get 20% off on each Russian translation project.

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Standard translation

100 words


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Product Descriptions

Ecommerce translation

200 words


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Blog Post

Marketing translation

500 words


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Birth Certificate

Certificate Translation

1 document


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Keyword Research

Keyword localization

5 words


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Here is what my happy customers say about my translation services:

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The best English to Russian translation services and multilingual SEO services! Thanks to Hanna we managed to reach the target audience in Russia.

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English Russian Translation

Professional English Russian translation services. I’ve been serving customers from private and public sectors since 2000. My languages pairs are English to Russian translation, Russian to English translation and German to Russian translation in the following fields of expertise:

English Russian Website Translation

Translate website English to Russian. Website translation from Russian to English from German to Russian. WP ecommerce translation. Professional ecommerce translation.

English Russian Technical Translation

Technical translation from English to Russian. Best technical translator into Russian. Technical document translation services. Technica translator English Russian.

English Russian Marketing Translation

English Russian translator of content marketing translation. Adwords translation. Email marketing translation services. Social media post translations. Newsletter translation English Russian.

English Russian Medical Translation

Best medical translator English to Russian.: 17 years experience in English Russian medication translation. Medical device translation. Pharmaceutical translation.

English Russian Legal Translation

English Russian legal translator. Marriage certificate translation from English to Russian. Translate document from English to Russian. Birth certificate translation from English to Russian

English Russian Business Translation

Business translation services from English into Russian. Email translation service from English to Russian. Translate contract. Translate reviews from English to Russian. Translate customer support.

Save on English Russian translation

Don’t pay twice for the same words. Start calculating new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. Check my online tool.

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English Russian translator rates

English Russian translator rates can be different because of many factors. With my English Russian translation services, you can always get high-quality translation services to meet your needs at a fair price.

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Factors Affecting English Russian Translation Costs

  • Size: English Russian translation project are calculated according to the word count. The bigger the word count, the more discount you can get.

  • Deadline: urgent projects always cost 20% higher. Mind, the normal translator turnaround is 2500 words per day.

  • Expertise: As a rule, the price for English Russian translation projects from narrow fields is higher than for general translation projects. The reason is that narrow fields of expertise require deep knowledge and skills in additional industries. Therefore, the translation rate per word will be higher.

Start saving when translating English to Russian. Get the total number of new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches in your documents. In this way, you do not pay the same translation rate for repetitions and fuzzy matches. As a rule, the translation costs for new words are different from repetitions and fuzzy matches. Check the number of words with my online tool.

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