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Translate German to Russian with Hanna Sles at reasonable rates. Global companies trust me to power their business growth in the Russian-speaking markets.

Assigning a Russian translation project to me means efficient cooperation and productive performance. I have got nearly seventeen years experience in translation and localization fields. My expertise will help you establish yourself in the Russian-speaking countries and build market presence. I always find flexible and economical solutions for my customers to meet their translation requirements and reduce costs.

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Every customer who requests a call will get 20% off on each Russian translation project.

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Standard translation

100 words


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Product Descriptions

Ecommerce translation

200 words


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Blog Post

Marketing translation

500 words


Translate German to Russian 4

Birth Certificate

Certificate Translation

1 document


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Keyword Research

Keyword localization

5 words


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Here is what my happy customers say about my translation services:

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Very fast, very friendly, very good! The best Russian translator, indeed. And all for a fair price.

Caleb Justin
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German Russian Translation

I translate German to Russian and provide Russian translation services to private persons and companies. German Russian medical translation. Top German to Russian translation services near me.

German Russian Website Translation

German to Russian website translation. I translate German to Russian for 17 years. SEO translation services. Website localization. WordPress translation. Multilingual SEO services.

German Russian Technical Translation

Technical translator from German into Russian. Technical manual translation services. Technical document translation services. German Russian technical translation.

German Russian Marketing Translation

Marketing translation services from German into Russian. Email marketing translation, translation of blog posts, social media posts, customer reviews, customer support content.

German Russian Medical Translation

German Russian medical translation services. Medical device translation. Pharmaceutical translation services. Medical document translation from German to Russian.

German Russian Legal Translation

Legal document translation services German Russian. Russian birth certificate translation. Russian death certificate translation. Russian marriage certificate translation.

German Russian Business Translation

Business translation from German to Russian. Email translation German to Russian. Translate contract from German to Russian. Translate customer reviews and customer support communication.

Save on German Russian translation

Don’t pay twice for the same words. Start calculating new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. Check my online tool.

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German Russian translator rates

German Russian translator rates vary depending on many factors. I offer my customers only the best German Russian translator rates, even when it concerns narrow fields of expertise such as – technical, legal, medical, website translation.

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Factors Affecting German Russian Translation Costs

  • Size: German Russian translation projects are estimated according to the word number. If the project is more than 10,000 words, you can always get a good discount.

  • Deadline: in case you have an urgent project, that means you will have to pay 20% more.

  • Expertise: If you need to translate some content from narrow fields of expertise, the price for German Russian translator services is higher than general text.

There are different ways how you can save on German Russian translation services. You can hire a less experienced translator, or you can hire just someone who is biligual. But this would definitely affect the quality of the target text. I offer the best high-end solution to reduce costs – to count new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. Translation rates per word for each group of words are different. And you do not pay twice for the same words. Check my online tool to count words.

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