The verb лежит (infinitive is лежать) is one of the most common in Russian. Лежит is used in various meanings depending on the context.
Below you will find how to translate Russian to English лежит in the most common situations in different areas, лежит as phrasal verbs, and also in idiomatic usage.

Translate Russian to English лежит in common situations

Basically, there are 6 main meanings of this verb. Let’s have a look at each one with examples. Each example is for the third person singular.

Translate Russian to English лежит in different industries

Languages have a great impact on our thoughts, emotions, and even actions. The words we use are the most important elements in the science of communication. They have the power to heal, encourage, and motivate. Sometimes they can confuse and mislead, and even hurt us.

The intent of a spoken word can often be misleading. Due to this, it is important to understand what the word means in different topics and industries in order to translate Russian to English лежит in the right way.

There are set expressions and phrases that are used in certain industries or topics regularly. Some of these word phrases have been around since the turn of the century, and others are newer and somewhat in trend.