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Here is what my happy customers say about my translation services:

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Very fast, very friendly, very good! The best Russian translator, indeed. And all for a fair price.

Caleb Justin
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How much does translation cost?

Freelance translator rates vary depending on many factors: the field of expertise, deadline, total number of words, language combinations.

Factors Affecting Translation Costs

  • Total number of new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. Translation rates for repetitions and fuzzy matches are different from the translation fees for new words. Avoid double payments.

  • Language pairs: as a rule, rare language pairs in high demand will cost more.

  • Deadline: the tougher the deadline, the higher the rate. A translator’s normal turnaround is 2500 words per day.

Translation cost per word is dependable on the area of expertise. My rate per word is different in Russian technical translation services, Russian marketing translation services, Russian legal translation services, Russian medical translation services, as well as in Russian website translation. The reason is that the translation in these fields requires implementing different knowledge and skills.

Translation Services

I help companies grow and reach their target audience by providing translation and localization services:

Count words on a website online

Start calculating translation costs per word by counting new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. Check my online tool.

Why it is important to calculate repetitions?

All special translation tools calculate the total number of new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches. As a rule, most translation companies will never tell you about that and you will pay double fees.

What you need to know about translation rates

All the professional translators work with special CAT tools. CAT tools are computer-assisted tools which help translators work efficiently and accurately. As a rule, there is a special word count tool inside each CAT software. This tool calculates new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches.

Why the words are divided into new words, repetitions and fuzzy matches?

The CAT tool remembers the segments (a part of a text). When the segment is repeated, the software translates automatically the segment which has already been translated by a translator. In this way, the translator does not spend much time on translating the text. And the accuracy of terminology is kept. This feature is especially useful white translating technical texts or websites. As a rule, this type of content has got a lot of repetitions.

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