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Translation Russian to German – helping global companies grow and thrive.

Besides being the best Russian to English translator, I translate Russian to German and provide Russian translation services to the private and public sectors. With my 17 year experience in translation and localization, I can offer you cutting-edge solutions to reduce costs on translation services. Working directly with me means a productive and efficient relationship.

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Translation Russian to German

Russian German translation rates

The average translator rate per word for Russian to German is 0.6 to 10 cents. As a rule, the translation rate per word depends on many factors:

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Factors That Determine German Ukrainian Translation Fees

  • Size: the number of words to be translated into German is always taken into consideration. The more the number of words, the bigger the discount.
  • Deadline: urgent translation services fee is higher 20% than normal. For my loyal clients, I do not charge rush translation fees.

  • Expertise: the subject matter in translation and localization refers to the translator’s knowledge of the document that’s being translated. A translator’s knowledge should not only be linguistic: he or she also needs to be familiar with the subject matter of the text to be translated. If the content is from a narrow field, the translation fee is higher.
  • Type of document: different formats require special skills to implement while translating the content.
  • Language combination: freelance translation rates per word can vary depending on the demand of language pairs in the market.

You can reduce the translation costs by calculating the total number of words, new words, and repetitions. New words and repetitions have got different translation rates per word. Therefore, it is advisable to count them separately. Use my online tool to count new words and repetitions.

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The best Russian translator since 2000.
I translate translate Russian to German, Russian to English, English to Russian, German to Russian and Ukrainian.

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The best translation Russian to German! She can adapt the tone of your language and maintain consistent wording throughout your website so as to present a cohesive, professional experience.

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