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To make your services visible, you will need two things – a domain name and hosting. In the previous articles we discussed how to choose the best domain name, what kind of suitable extensions are available today. This issue has also been discussed in other blogs. Today I would like to talk about hosting. In simple words, domain name is like a name of the file you are working at. Hosting is the place where you save your file in the computer. I have already discussed what types of hosting are available today in the Internet. In this review I would like to talk about the benefits you get if you are going to use Managed WordPress Hosting.
As the name suggests, Managed WordPress Hosting is the hosting especially designed and optimized for WordPress blog or WordPress website:

Translation Service Website: Unique and Simple

Easy setup, automatic updates, plugins and themes. All it takes is a few clicks and WordPress is set up and ready to go. Usually a setup wizard walks you through the installation, step by step, ensuring that getting started couldn’t be easier. Large selection of free themes (themes are outward appearance of your website). Also in Safe Mode, all security patches and version updates are performed automatically. Switching between modes is possible at any time.

Translation Service Website: Safe and powerful. Expert support

A big WordPress community to write cutting-edge posts, discuss issues, discover new people. You can find out about strategies, themes and plugins. Discuss easy and complex solutions so that you can achieve better projects.

Powerful performance

CDN and RAM for increased performance. 24/7 skilled support on the phone, chat or e-mail. Whether you’re just setting up your WordPress project or require some ongoing care for your online project, support team should be able to answer your questions with their expert knowledge.

My experience: translation service website

From my experience, Godaddy is one quality Managed WordPress Hosting at a good reasonable price. I have analyzed the prices of other hosting providers who offer similar packages, the price for Godaddy Managed WordPress hostings is the cheapest one. If you are a newbie or an upcoming blogger, this will be a perfect solution if to compare to shared hosting or VPS (this hosting provides the highest performance and the costs are considerable high). But for a profile translator website or translation blog, this solution will be the perfect place. Right now Godaddy has got amazing offers for Managed WordPress hosting. Don’t lose this excellent opportunity click on the link below to get the hosting for 1 usd!

$1/mo WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy!

In the upcoming articles I will tell you how to install managed WordPress website with Godaddy. If you haven’t purchased a domain name for your translation services website, please check my other articles on this.

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