Translation Website: An Ultimate Guide How to Install WordPress

You have purchased a domain name for your translation website following my instructions described in th article about basic steps to purchase a domain, and following my advice on how to choose a domain name and which extensions are better to remember.
ATTENTION. If you haven’t purchased a domain name, you might have an exclusive offer from Godaddy – get a free domain. The details can be found in the article on how to purchase a Managed WordPress Hosting.
Today I will give you an ultimate guide how to launch your wordpress translation website. If you do not know yet, what the benefits are to use WordPress as a platform for your website, then you can read about this in my article about the advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting. You can aslo read more how to create a translation website and kick start your language business in other blogs.

Step 1

If you have already purchased a managed WordPress hosting package from Godaddy, then you should have your own ID and password to login. Just sign in to your account. Find a menu “Managed WordPress”, click on a plus sign, and then push the button “Manage”.

translation website

Step 2

Now you will see your hosting account. Just click on a button “Setup” to install your WordPress website. Choose “Create A New WordPress Site”.

build translation website

Step 3

Now let’s set up your account. In “Choose your domain section” I advise you to choose a temporary domain. As soon as you finish designing your translation services website and filling it with content, you can indicate there your own beautiful domain name. WordPress details: you will need them every time you need to login to the admin panel of your website. I will tell you in other articles how to do that.

how to build translation website

Step 4

Setting up your Worpress account takes no more than 10 mins without any special actions from you side. What you can do while setting up your account is taking some coffee.

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