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My main goal is to make students’, graduates’ and young translators’ lives better across the globe. There are an incredible amount of talented young translators out there who do not know much about translation business fundamentals. This contest will give everyone an opportunity to get the basics to start off in the translation and localization industry.

As the time is close to the International Translation Day, I would like to invite all of you to take part in this contest. If you feel like your work is worth telling, then hop on in! I will choose the three best pieces of Word Art, with the authors receiving:

Sweet Prizes:

1st place will receive a complete “Freelance translator business starter kit” worth 1000 USD:

  • relevant keyword research and analysis within your language pairs and specialization;
  • SEO-friendly and catchy domain name;
  • Premium WordPress theme setup and Customization;
  • Guidance on website content creation.

2nd place will receive a guide “Do You Want To Get More Translation Jobs From Direct Clients?

3rd place will get professionally and uniquely designed headers for the Facebook business page and Twitter account.

Freelance Russian translator


All works should be submitted by 10:00 AM (EET), September 29th, 2017. A team of skilled judges from the Facebook group “Successful FreelanceTranslators” will review the works and the winners’ names (or nicknames) will be revealed on the International Translator Day – 30th of September.

Essays submitted after the deadline will not take part in the contest.


  • You are a student, a graduate or a young translator with no experience.
  • Basic scholarship essay format. Works should be 300-500 words. Some minor deviations are possible, but not desirable.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed.
  • Essays should only be written in English.
  • Send your work in a Microsoft Word document.
  • You can include images in your work, especially if they illustrate the topic or your own ideas. This will only grow our attention!
  • Include your email information in the document. Otherwise, we might not be able to contact you and give instructions on prize collection.


Moderators from FB group “Successful freelance translators” will carefully review and choose the best scholarship essays. In order to make things fair, names of the contestants will not be revealed to the judges.

Regardless of the amount, all the works sent before the deadline will be considered. So do not worry, I will read everyone’s essays.


For this contest, I have chosen a topic that students, graduates and young translators face most often:

What benefits your client will get from using

your translation and localization services?

How to enter the contest

Go to my contact page, fill in the fields, in the Subject field indicate “contest”, paste your essay and push “Submit” button.