Translator Website: How To Choose Top Level Domains

In the previous article I gave you the tips how to choose the best domain name. In this article I would like to pay your attention to extensions, i.e. what comes after dot in the domain name for your translator website.
All the domain names could be registered either on the international level or on a local level where there is an indication which country the website is targeted to. A domain on the international level is called top level domain (TLD). Untill 2014 all the TLD had endings such as .com, .edu, .gov, etc.

Become Visible. Get Best Top Level Domains.

The events which have been under way since 2014 are going to forever change the landscape of the Internet. Last year the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN for short, approved the creation of new generic level TLDs (nTLDs) or sometimes they are referred to as just generic level TLDs (gTLDs). So if you come across some articles on this topic, just remember that nTLDs and new gTLDs both mean the same thing.

Today gTLDs can be categories into the following groups:
– Georgraphic: any specific to a geographical area – whether a country, city, or continent. Examples include .Berlin, .NYC, .Madrid, .Africa.
– Community: relate to any type of community: religious, interest, profession etc. E.g. .translation, .art, .tennis.
– Brand: relate directly to a trademark brand, e.g. .samsung.
– Generic: any generic term outside of the other three categories. E.g. .bike, .car, .app etc.

Translator Website. More Opportunities to Be Visible Online Globally

From the point of our translation business, I guess, we should pay attention to the following categories: Business, Geographic and Professional and create a translator website with a extension chosen from these categories.
In the business category you might be attracted by the following endings: .business, .career, services, solutions, .studio. Geographic category can include the ending of the city or country you are targeting at. As for the professional, obviously it should end with the name of our profession like .dentist, .doctor, .engineer. But unfortunately, .translator is not available yet, but you can keep an eye and check it with the registrar. I recommend you checking available extensions with Godaddy. Just click on the left to open the tool.

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