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According to recent research, website visitors stay on the website twice as long. On top of that, 89% of them are more likely to buy from a website that speaks their native language.
Launching a multi-language web site is the best investment. You pay for the services only once, but you create your visibility and permanent presence in the target market.
If you want your website to speak the language of your customers and drive the traffic from Google search results in the Russian-speaking countries, you should partner with Hanna Sles – best Russian Translation services with deep SEO knowledge and solid experience behind.
I have proven experience in website translation services and have delivered website localization projects to over 50 clients.

Why website translation matters

Statistics from Nielsen Online,, and other resources show that:

  • over 65% of site visitors speak a native language other than English;
  • web guests are three times more inclined to buy a product or a service from a site translated in their native language;
  • over 99 million people use the Internet in a language other than English;
  • 97% of Russian users do shopping in their own language.

With the best website translation services, you will be able to get new customers through Google and Yandex search results. You will increase sales, improve conversion rates, build trust, and establish local visibility in the market.

Website translation services for small businesses

Website translation services are complex and expensive processes involving language specialists, SEO specialists and extensive IT support. For small companies, to translate a website may be costly and complicated.

Therefore, I made a deep research and developed a special system for small businesses to cut costs and save the budget when translating a website. With my linguistic knowledge, deep proven SEO skills, and IT experience I can offer you cost-effective solutions depending on the platform of your website.

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How it works

With Hanna Sles, the translation of websites is a very simplified process. This relates to websites created using WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, and other 3rd party CMS systems, tools and plugins.
You can get in touch with Hanna Sles, by indicating the URL of your website.
With Hanna Sles, website translation services are based on the versatile proxy technology. In this way, the entire website translation and localization process is streamlined and automated for maximum efficiency.
Before the start of the website translation, you will get a list of researched keywords in the target market and the results of the competitive analysis in your niche. In this way, you will get your website content translated at the highest quality level. And the translated content will bring you new users from search results to your website.
Best yet, Hanna Sles keeps track of your website for any future updates and translates them on-demand.