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Translation Calculation Based On Word Count

There are many ways when you can cut costs on translation services. The best one is to use professional unique word counters. These tools always come as a part of premium CAT tools (special software for translators). These word count tools give precise unique and frequency word analysis. In this way, you will not pay for numbers in your text, as well as sentences which repeat throughout the whole text.
I have been providing English to Russian translation services for nearly 20 years and decided to develop this calculator for my customers. I hope you will also find it useful.

My free frequency word count tool is free and easy to use. All you need is to fill in the necessary information and send your details.

For the time being, you can use the following free word count tools:

Calculate Possible Discount Based On Translation Rate Per Word

When you receive word count analysis from me with the total number of unique words, repetitions, and fuzzy matches, you can calculate approximate pricing of your translation project. In the translation and localization industry, there is a standard translation rate per word. You can find this column in the translation calculator below. But depending on the text and many other things a translator can fix his or her own percentage scheme. My translation calculator also allows you to check the totals of the translator and compare it with the standard percentage rates.

In case, you forgot the basic terms in professional Word count tools, let me remind you:

  • Repetitions is a translation unit/segment that is repeated within the new source document being analysed but it is not available in the memory file.
  • Perfect Match / 100% Match is a form of a Context Match that compares updated source files to a corresponding set of old bilingual documents rather than to a translation memory.
  • Fuzzy Matches/Partial Repetitions are segments that are retrieved from the memory file which are similar, but not identical.
  • New Words are translation units with less than a 70-75% match. This type of translation segment is usually paid at the full price per word.

Translation Calculator for Numbers, Repetitions, Fuzzy Matches

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